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Welcome to Goldsby Law, PLLC – I am Aigné Goldsby Wells, Esq.

I guide new business owners through every step of their startup’s legal journey. I ensure your venture is not only legally compliant but strategically built for success.

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From business formation to contractual negotiations and trademark protection, we handle it all with precision and almost a decade of experience.


At Goldsby Law, PLLC, we don't just offer legal advice – we become integral partners in your business's success story.

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avoid costly mistakes

Most people are excited when starting a new business. But moving too fast and taking shortcuts when setting up your business can be costly. Let us set you up for success by ensuring you are selecting the right options for your business that avoid financial losses and time wasted.

protect your reputation

Establish legitimacy and credibility to the work you do and services you provide with clarity in writing. We make sure you avoid risks and disputes. Whether it's service agreements or non-disclosures, we’ll make sure everything's squared away legally.

secure your brand & work

From trademarks to copyrights, I'll help you navigate the registration process smoothly. Plus, we minimize risk and develop smart protection strategies tailored just for you and your brand.

start a new business

Thinking of starting a business? I’m here to make business formation super simple! I can help you choose the right entity and draft a complete suite of corporate documents so you can build on solid foundations. We ensure your venture is sound and secure.

review current business

Feeling stuck in your business? Some business owners struggle with business growth after the initial build. I can assist you with business consulting and strategy to take your business to the next level.

lifelong partnership

I don't just see our clients as transactions; I see them as partners in a lifelong journey. My goal is not just to be your lawyer, but to be a trusted ally for life, ensuring that your legal needs are always met with care and dedication.

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